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Angular 4/5 Tutorial : Understanding Directives


Hello everyone, as you may know, Angular 5 is been released and a lot of new features has been introduced. But the basics components are same as it is an update to the Angular 4. So everything till now we learnt will work both on Angular 4 and 5. In the previous post, http://www.mytechthinking.in/2017/10/14/angular-4-tutorial-component-lifecycle/, we …

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Angular 4 Tutorial : Component Lifecycle

Component lifecycle

Hello everyone, in the last post, http://www.mytechthinking.in/2017/10/12/angular-4-tutorial-view-encapsulation-and-local-references/ , we learned about the view encapsulation and various ways to pass contents to DOM. In this post, we will learn about the lifecycle of the components. Let’s discuss them one by one. ngOnInit : This is called on the initialization of the component. ngOnChanges : This is called …

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Angular 4 Tutorial : View Encapsulation and Local References

Local References Angular 4 tutorial

Hello all, in the previous post, http://mytechthinking.in/2017/10/11/angular-4-tutorial-custom-data-bindings/ we learned about the custom two way data binding. In this post, we will learn more about the components and how angular manages the components view and also about the local references in templates. View Encapsulation As we know every component has its styles and template. In the last …

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Angular 4 Tutorial : Custom Data Bindings


Hello everyone, as we know, we have learned some basics of Angular, in my last post, http://mytechthinking.in/2017/08/26/angular-4-tutorial-understanding-the-data-bindings/, we saw how data bindings in angular works. Now we know how the template can communicate with the business logic. But in modular programming it is important that the modules should interact with each other, in here we have …

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Angular 4 Tutorial: Understanding the Data Bindings

Data Binding Feature

Hello everyone, as you know this post is part of the free tutorial series of Angular 4 from scratch, and if not, check out the http://mytechthinking.in/2017/07/30/angular-4-tutorial-from-scratch/ . In the previous post, http://mytechthinking.in/2017/08/09/angular-4-understanding-the-basics/ we learned about the components in Angular 4. In this post, we will learn about the data bindings in Angular 4. Introduction Data binding is the interaction …

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Angular 4 – Understanding the basics


Hello guys, this post is part of complete tutorial series for Angular 4. As in the previous post, http://mytechthinking.in/2017/07/30/angular-4-tutorial-from-scratch/, we have set up the Angular CLI and created new Angular 4 application. In this post, we will learn the basics of Angular 4 which includes the components, selector, data binding and directives. Before we start, …

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Angular 4 – Tutorial from scratch

Angular 4

Hello everyone, Angular,  as you may already know is one of the powerful and popular JavaScript frameworks. There are currently 3 versions of Angular, in which Angular 4 is the latest. Angular 2, the second version, was completely rewritten to provide more flexibility and more ease in development, then AngularJS, the first version. Angular 4 …