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IBM Bluemix: Watson Conversation Java Integration

This post is again a part of the series to create a chat bot using IBM Bluemix, Watson Conversation, Java and for chat client window, Facebook. Till now we have cloned the project successfully in eclipse, Now we will see how to integrate a Java application to Watson Conversation and also how to create dialogues in …

IBM Bluemix

IBM Bluemix : Cloning source code from Git

In the previous post,  I explained about how to start with IBM Bluemix and creating a Java web app on bluemix using Liberty for Java and also connecting it with Watson Conversation. Now to start with creating a chatbot we need to clone the source code from Git for programming locally. We can program …

IBM Bluemix

Starting with IBM Bluemix with Liberty for Java and Watson

IBM Bluemix, not only known for cloud computing but also for various services it provides. Watson is one of such services. This post gives info about how to start with IBM Bluemix and create a smart chat bot with Watson. Also in the later posts, I’ll provide tutorials for integrating Watson IOT and Facebook Messenger …