When mind speaks

Woman who can

This is not the first time that someone is trying to raise her voice to take that mask off your eyes and make you see the brutal truth of your ignorance, your patriarchy, your torture. Something that you are not comfortable acknowledging and moreover accepting.

As you go on reading this, you think “Oh no! A Feminist trying to play the blame game again. Another article on women and their freedom”. Well, it’s not your fault. You have been brought up like that. You have been taught to ignore and pay us no heed when it comes to respecting, consent and rights.

But well this isn’t about how suppressed we are. This isn’t about how we, yes we women, whom you think to be kind, gentle and made to serve you forever are not because we are not.

You have made equality a joke. Well, we don’t feel like laughing. You think that because you think low of us. That we are not smart enough, not harsh enough, not good at anything other than being your dog. But we are more than that.

Believe it or not, we can be mothers and murderers, housewives and CEO, ideal girlfriend and a money monger. We can be who we want to be. Because our choice is not a gender attribute.

This is not the first time a female has tried to change your opinion about herself! It sounds lame and stupid but that’s what we have been trying to do since we are born. You stop us from going outside all by ourselves, wearing clothes we like, doing the job we love, not for our safety or our(Gessh! That’s what you try to reason all the time) but because you know you are at fault. You always have been.

And you have no idea. Rosalind Franklin was denied her Nobel Prize for discovering the structure of DNA. So was Lise Meitner for the discovery of nuclear fission, Chien-Shiung Wu for the development of the atom bomb and Nettie Stevens for determining the genetics role in the offspring’s sex.

In the other world, we kill to survive and live, with no remorse. Mary Cotton killed her 3 husbands and 13 children by feeding them arsenic in order to claim on their insurance. She did the same with her several stepchildren and lovers. Jane Toppan, a nurse, admitted having committed 31 murders which included her employer and his daughters and her foster sister. And she was proud of the killings.

You see, we both are no different. Then the reason you feel so vulnerable

Let me tell you the truth, about you. You are scared. You always have been. Your ego cannot handle our intelligence, our power, our insanity and our capability to spin the world on our magnitude.

So the next time you ask has a woman ever committed a heinous murder or made a nuclear bomb, remember this. We don’t need your consent. We don’t need your opinion. Wipe off those default settings you have about our nature and our systematic working. You and I, we both are the two sides of the coin. We don’t get to decide or judge for one another. So stop being so crass and indulge in neutrality.

Innocence doesn’t come out of our vaginas. WE CHOOSE!!


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