Starting with Java Swing application development

Hi guys, recently one of my friends asked me to develop a java swing application. And as I have some experience on the swing I agreed to it. But later on, I found that it would have been better by not taking it (kidding).



Actually, java swing is great, if you are a java programmer and you want a lightweight standalone desktop java application (it can be deployed as web app too ) with interactive UI. It provides great flexibility over the components and if coded well considerably good performance.


But if you are planning to use swing make sure you have proper knowledge of the different types of layouts. As in my case, I didn’t have and I ended up with messing up the UI.

If you don’t have sufficient knowledge or you don’t want to get into creating components and adding up each child components inside the parent, you can some GUI generating engine. There’s one, I know which parses GUI layout data from XML tags to swing components, SwiXml. You can find the jars by googling and there can be many other, I am sure there will be another to make GUI generation easy in the swing.

I highly recommend to use the libraries which are already written for swing GUI, it saves lots of time and makes easy to manage components.

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